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USA Politicians Blood Group

What Politicians Blood Type Do you know?
We have reveals the blood group for all Politicians in United State. Let see the info about USA Politicians Blood Group.

Al FrankenDemocratic-Farmer-LaborAB+
Amy KlobucharDemocratic-Farmer-LaborAB+
Angus KingIndependentA+
Barbara BoxerDemocraticB+
Barbara MikulskiDemocraticA+
Ben CardinDemocraticA+
Ben SasseRepublicanAB-
Bernie SandersDemocraticB-
Bill CassidyRepublicanA+
Bill NelsonDemocraticB+
Bob Casey, Jr.DemocraticB-
Bob CorkerRepublicanB-
Bob MenendezDemocratico+
Brian SchatzDemocraticB+
Chris CoonsDemocraticB+
Chris MurphyDemocraticB+
Chuck GrassleyRepublicanB+
Chuck SchumerDemocratico-
Claire McCaskillDemocraticAB-
Cory BookerDemocratico-
Cory GardnerRepublicanB+
Dan CoatsRepublicanB+
Dan SullivanRepublicanB+
David PerdueRepublicanB+
David VitterRepublicanA+
Dean HellerRepublicano+
Deb FischerRepublicanAB-
Debbie StabenowDemocraticAB+
Dianne FeinsteinDemocraticB+
Dick DurbinDemocraticB+
Ed MarkeyDemocraticAB+
Elizabeth WarrenDemocraticAB+
Gary PetersDemocraticAB+
Harry ReidDemocratico+
Heidi HeitkampDemocraticB-
Jack ReedDemocraticB-
James LankfordRepublicanB-
Jeanne ShaheenDemocratico+
Jeff FlakeRepublicanB+
Jeff MerkleyDemocraticB-
Jerry MoranRepublicanA+
Jim InhofeRepublicanB-
Jim RischRepublicanB+
Joe DonnellyDemocraticB+
Joe ManchinDemocraticB-
John BarrassoRepublicanB-
John BoozmanRepublicanB+
John CornynRepublicanB-
John HoevenRepublicanB-
John McCainRepublicanB+
John ThuneRepublicanB-
Johnny IsaksonRepublicanB+
Jon TesterDemocraticAB-
Joni ErnstRepublicanB+
Kelly AyotteRepublicano+
Kirsten GillibrandDemocratico-
Lamar AlexanderRepublicanB-
Lindsey GrahamRepublicanB-
Marco RubioRepublicanB+
Maria CantwellDemocraticB-
Mark KirkRepublicanB+
Mark WarnerDemocraticB-
Martin HeinrichDemocratico-
Mazie HironoDemocraticB+
Michael BennetDemocraticB+
Mike CrapoRepublicanB+
Mike EnziRepublicanB-
Mike LeeRepublicanB-
Mike RoundsRepublicanB-
Mitch McConnellRepublicanA+
Orrin HatchRepublicanB-
Pat RobertsRepublicanA+
Pat ToomeyRepublicanB-
Patrick LeahyDemocraticB-
Patty MurrayDemocraticB-
Rand PaulRepublicanA+
Richard BlumenthalDemocraticB+
Richard BurrRepublicano-
Rob PortmanRepublicanB-
Roger WickerRepublicanAB+
Ron JohnsonRepublicanB-
Ron WydenDemocraticB-
Roy BluntRepublicanAB-
Sheldon WhitehouseDemocraticB-
Shelley Moore CapitoRepublicanB-
Sherrod BrownDemocraticB-
Steve DainesRepublicanAB-
Susan CollinsRepublicanA+
Tammy BaldwinDemocraticB-
Ted CruzRepublicanB-
Thad CochranRepublicanAB+
Thom TillisRepublicanB-
Tim KaineDemocraticB-
Tim ScottRepublicanB-
Tom CarperDemocraticB+
Tom CottonRepublicanB+
Tom UdallDemocratico-
Joe Biden Democratic Party B+
Orrin Hatch Republican Party AB+
Richard Shelby Republican A-
Jeff Sessions Republican AB+

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