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Traffic Jam is a common Problem In Bangladesh

Traffic Jam  is a common Problem In Bangladesh

Traffic Jam is a long line of vehicles on the road that cannot move or can move very slowly.It is a nuisance for people but it has already become a common ritual in big cities and towns.Too many vehicles on the same road at the same time causes traffic jam.Besides there are many unlicensed vehicles on their sweet will getting more passengers stopping here and there.Our roads are also too narrow that can not afford many vehicles.Insufficient police and illegal markets beside busy roads also cause traffic jam.At the time of traffic jam,we feel extremely bored as it kills our valuable time.So we should take steps to avoid traffic jams.Unlicensed vehicles and illegal markets should be removed from the road.Sufficient police should be deployed at important points.Well-planned roads should be constructed.And of course we need to yield to the traffic rules to avoid traffic jams and for our pompous and solace movements.
 By Efaz Hassan

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