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How Search Engine Submission Works

This is a brief summary of how Search Engine Submission Works so that you can have a better understanding about “search engine submission” and the expectation level of my article. Please read carefully!

As you may have read in my presentation I do website Submission to Over 200,000 search engines which include major search engines such as Google, yahoo, all of their variations, plus smaller search engines, directories, classified ads, online malls, etc.  After your site is submitted to the search engines and other sites, they go through a process within search engines where they have to be received and listed.

This can take anywhere from a few days to 4-8 weeks and more depending on the search engines and directories schedules. This is a process that no one has control over. Every website owner that submits their site from TOP SEO's to normal folks have to endure this process.  All one can do is to submit them electronically for you.

 Whenever your site is listed it begins to gain some exposure within those search engines, which in turn can bring some traffic….eventually. Traffic can come your way as people begin to use keywords that are related to your site.

Please keep in mind that no one can personally say how much traffic or hits you will get or when you will get it. That is completely out of control. Traffic does not necessarily mean sales, hits, or clicks on your site. You can have a lot of traffic to your site and still don't get any response. But based upon my personal experiences the more you keep your site on the Internet the better your chances are over time.

As I've stated in my Disclaimer, I cannot guarantee anyone’s success online. I cannot guarantee results or that folks would even buy your stuff.  No advertising platform can honestly make those claims.
It is completely up to the viewers of your site. But what I can guarantee is that your site will be submitted daily for the next 30 days , or 60days. So if you are you are just doing it on the sole basis of me submitting your site and not on any false assumptions.  Continued, scroll down.
 After  submit your site I will send you a small break down of the submission report with screen shots showing you the time and places your site was submitted to. Once start the process I cannot stop it. 

One thing I will never do is give anyone false hopes or a false impression. My goal is to be upfront and honest with all my clients. Search engines submission is not a magical thing or overnight solution. However, if you are going to have an online business of any sort you need to do search engine submissions…whether you do it yourself or someone else does it for you.

 For me to submit your site I would need the following things:
1) Website Url
2) If you have your keywords will be great
3) Please specify category of choice
4)A very short description of your site or Niche is appreciated
5) Please make sure your site's URL is working

After I complete, I ask if would kindly leave a positive review or a thumbs up based upon the work I've done for you. If you agree and understand how it works you can proceed.


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