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Paleo Diet for Beginners to Lose Weight and Age Gracefully

The switch to a Paleo lifestyle is, initially, difficult to incorporate. At least, that’s what my partner told me in a last-ditch attempt to avoid diets all together when I first started taking the low-fat crackers out of the grocery cart. “They’re low-fat!” he explained to me, pushing them back in. But my firm hand back on the box, the firm shaking of my head as I positioned it back on the shelf steadied his words. He looked at me grimly, without comprehension. 

I had long understood that most of my friends—and my partner especially—didn’t understand the specific ways in which they were meant to eat to lose weight and stay healthy. Their diet plan always seemed like some sort of game they were always losing and never expected to win. They would say things like: “Can’t eat anything but spinach today!” And then they would follow it up with four slices of pizza the next morning. Their diets seemed uneven, and their consistent elliptical work at the gym seemed—well—lacking. (I tried the elliptical once, and I felt like I was flapping my arms in the air for forty-five minutes. Not for me, and, as I found out via the Paleo Diet, not for anyone.) For a while, I thought, perhaps, these friends WANTED to live this way. After all—a bag of chips and something to complain about is all we really need to survive, right?

But I realized, suddenly, that my friends and my partner didn’t understand how to eat because the government’s proclaimed food guidelines, pounded into our heads via the Food Guide Pyramid, was flawed. It stated we should be eating tons of bread and pasta, that we should be limiting our meat consumption.

But the super pizza-oriented, bagel-stuffing variety of diets I saw in most of my twenty-something friends—prescribing to this six to eleven servings of bread per day idea—didn’t seem to be working.

And so: there I stood with my partner at the grocery store, placing his low-fat crackers back on the shelf. I had to enact a change, to show him and everyone else what I understood—on a very basic level—about the way we eat and the way we SHOULD be eating.

I took up Paleo. And, because he didn’t have a choice, so did my partner.
The change seemed instantaneous. In the first week, my partner and I focused our attentions to meats, vegetables, and fruits. I’m a writer, and I soon found that my brain hummed along much better when it wasn’t bogged down with heavy, filling breads and pastas. I found that my body composition changed pretty early on—that my slim arms had a sort of tone to them. I found that nip of belly fat skirt back into my body. I felt good.
And my partner’s belly? It was no longer taking up one-third of our bed.
In just a few months, I helped my partner lose thirty pounds. We completely switched how we think about food, as well. We no longer fear it. Instead, we look to it with pleasure. We look to food as something that will help us on our journey to greater health and many more years together as a vibrant, always traveling, never-sitting-still couple.
I know that the Paleo diet changed my life. I know that it altered the ways in which I exercise, formulate my meals, and think about the future. Allow the Paleo diet—and everything I’ve learned along the way about the scientific, behind-the-scenes benefits—fuel you down a similar path of wellness.

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