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Insomnia and the Rush-Around Mentality

Think about how you feel after a poor night’s sleep. You’re exhausted and irritable. You are unable to process many normal life activities and unable to exercise efficiently to boost your feel-good hormones, endorphins. Now imagine you had to deal with a poor night’s sleep every single night. In fact, insomnia affects about fifteen percent of the current world population, thus influencing an incredible amount of human interactions every day.

This insomnia is, quite often, caused by improper lifestyles and improper eating habits. Of course, people are naturally stressed and constantly working, pushing themselves along with the rush-around mentality of society. This stress is escalating throughout the world, resulting in harried meals, inability to exercise, and unstable happiness levels. Even Western Europeans, once known for their long, luxurious lunches and breaks away from tired day jobs have begun to flock to McDonald’s for quick fried hamburgers before swiftly returning to the humming work world.

And this rush-around mentality is affecting the sleep schedule of millions of people around the world. Many people struggle to sleep, no matter their fatigue levels. They lie awake in the middle of the night, watching the ticking clock, simply waiting for their next day to begin. This lack of sleep contributes to their next day’s mood and energy levels. Furthermore, lack of sleep can lead to serious health problems.

Altering your health and diet plans can rectify your insomnia. Paleo allows you to return to normal sleep and reap all the benefits of a restful night.

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