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Inflame in the Membrane: Mental Health

Let’s take an in-depth look at gut inflammation and its greater link to brain inflammation. Inflammation is your body’s intense reaction to anything that’s wrong. For example, anytime you’ve stubbed your toe, you’ve seen inflammation in action: the toe begins to throb, turn red, and become swollen. The body is pulsing immune cells to this damaged area in order to prevent greater problems and heal you.

Unlike your toe, inflammation in your gut and the rest of your insides is not a one-time situation. Instead, you’re continually banging your intestines with chronic, everlasting inflammation when you ingest gluten from things like bread, lectins from beans and peanuts, and pseudograins like quinoa and buckwheat. 

These food items—not recommended on the Paleo diet, and unrecognizable to our cavemen ancestors—unnecessarily inflame the digestive tract and occasionally penetrate the digestive tract walls, bringing your digestive grime into your bloodstream. This is a syndrome known as leaky gut syndrome. With a diet consisting of mostly these items—much like the recommended diet of today’s society—we’re all walking around with gut inflammation right now. And how do you think our brains feel via our vagus nerve?

Essentially, when your gut is inflamed, your body releases cytokines, which are molecules that alter your mental health. Cytokines can pass unaltered through the barrier between your blood and your brain; this barrier is necessary, generally speaking, to keep your brain from other harmful bacterial infections. When the cytokines enter your brain, the inflammation continues to occur, altering your mental state. Imagine your brain: throbbing like your toe. It’s throbbing against your skull, irritating you and forcing you to think all sorts of crazy thoughts. Brain inflammation is no subtle thing.

As you know, the brain and the gut are necessarily linked. Therefore, inflammation in the gut or the brain can create a continuous cycle. Brain inflammation can create terrible digestive trouble; this digestive trouble can create brain inflammation. Cytokines are the only champions of this game.

Brain inflammation introduces an incredible list of problems, many of which are on the rise in today’s society of grain-laden brains. 

Depression, most notably, is created via this inflammation cycle. Many depression medications seek to decrease interior inflammation. However, it’s important to understand that eating a diet without the following inflammation-creating items:
  • Breads
  • Pastas
  • Grains
  • Psuedograins
  • Dairy
  • Beans
  • Peanuts
  • Processed Foods
  • Starches

is essential to minimize your inflammation. Remember that inflammation is simply your body’s attempt to keep you from harm. You must rise above this inflammation and keep yourself from harm via your correct diet plan.

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