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Grain Drain: How Your Food Affects Your Noggin

You already know your gut and your brain are linked. Every time you reach for another cookie, go out to eat after a stressful workweek, or become irritable after you crash from any of these subsequent sugar-y, carbo-loaded creations, you emphasize this link. Researchers understand that a healthy digestive system is essential to yield greater mental well being. Some even call the billion-or-so neurons in your gut your “second brain,” controlling more than just how your digestive system handles what you ate today. More on your gut later.

The gut maintains communication with your brain via the vagus nerve. This communication is key, altering both the brain’s chemistry via what you eat and altering your body’s digestion via how you feel. For example, scientists now understand that what you eat can alter your levels of depression, while your stress levels can easily manipulate the ease of your digestion.

The Paleo diet yields essential health to your brain via two pathways. First of all, it decreases your risk of brain inflammation from your foods; it further yields all essential bacteria and micronutrients your brain requires.

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