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Create Dopamine and Fuel Brain-Charged Motivation

Fueling yourself with motivation to follow a strict diet plan can be tricky; that’s why so many people fail their diets within the first few months without success.

Dopamine is a pleasure hormone created in the brain. Dopamine is a hormone that is undeniably linked with feelings of motivation. Dopamine is stimulated by survival acts—by reaching out to sustain yourself.

Dopamine is why we have sex, why we eat food, and why we do nearly everything that makes us human. We find pleasure in our very human whiles. Note that dopamine holds its association with survival rather than pleasure; we are PROGRAMMED to feel this pleasure from our survival. Interesting, no? Therefore, when dopamine super-charges itself in your blood, your body is signaling you that being healthy makes it happy.

These happy-feel-good feelings are awesome and are generally our motivators for doing anything. Sex feels good, right? Why don’t you do that more often (in order to prolong humanity) says our evolutionary-inspired brain. We’re like Pavlov’s dogs. We need rewards through feel-good feelings.

When you begin to eat Paleo, your hormone levels regulate themselves. Neurotransmitters in your brain create an intricate balance that fuel health and wellness. Furthermore, the exercise regiment recommended via the Paleo diet supercharges your dopamine levels, allowing you to feel excited and motivated.

That’s right: motivated.
The Paleo Diet introduces your brain to dopamine, allowing you to actively pursue this diet plan. Dopamine follows through your neurons, from neuron to neuron, to fuel your mood, your better behavior, and your motivation.

Furthermore, dopamine actually appears in the brain PRIOR to doing the specific act to reach the rewards. This means that dopamine—encouraged by the Paleo diet—actually forces us into feelings of motivation before we do anything about those feelings. Therefore, in the hours before your dinner meal, dopamine will enter your bloodstream and fuel you to eat correctly—eat Paleo-friendly—to rev future dopamine abilities.

Levels of dopamine are well-documented in college students. High-dopamine level students were shown to work much harder for rewards than other, low-dopamine students. The dopamine was found in the prefontal cortex and the striatum; both of these areas are known to alter your feelings of motivation.

Therefore, a leap toward the Paleo diet revs your feelings of motivation, forcing you to look toward the Paleo diet for essential nutrients and weight loss benefits. Never before has calorie counting made you look to a salad with joy, has it?

Allow the Paleo diet to bring motivation and happiness to your brain via your natural look toward natural foods like nuts, seeds, fatty meats, and vegetables. Your brain—and your thinner body—will thank you for the pleasure.

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