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How to make money from facebook

Facebook is a reliable source of extra income. One can Earn from Facebook with some work and a clever approach. Read the secret steps below to know how to make money using Facebook.

1. Make great posts
Let your Facebook account build up interest over time by continuing to provide  relevant and fresh content every day. 

2. Make a commitment to earn

3. Find an affiliate program or other link-type advertising program: These
affiliate program will help you to earn extra money.
4. Write an e-book. : Write an E-book and sell it among your friends and Facebook Groups.
5.  Create a Facebook Fan page if you don't already have it: Promote your business via Facebook page. Tell your friends to like your page so that your customer will realize how popular and trusted you are.

6. Write good content: You may sell your content online via Facebook

7. Create a Website Related to your Fan-page : By This method you will get visitors from Facebook. 

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