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The Opt-In Form Explained

Have you ever tried to register for a mailing list only to have a page pop up telling you to watch in your email inbox for an email with a link to click to ensure you are really trying to register? That is an opt-in email form and it ensures that a real person registers and not some fake person. There are a lot of techniques which you can use for the more effective marketing of your online store and opt-in email marketing is considered to be among the most effective.

 Statistics show that this form of marketing has over 40 per cent return on investment (ROI). It allows you to increase your sales and to create a loyal customer base. In order to implement it effectively, you have to start by setting up an opt-in form on your website. It is worth taking a brief look at the way in which opt-in email marketing works. This will help you understand the importance of the opt-in form and get a better idea of how to make it more useful. The idea behind opt-in email marketing is fairly simple, actually.

 You ask visitors to your online store to sign up for receiving emails from you. This allows you to provide information about your products and your business directly to these individuals. Needless to say, this opens huge opportunities for marketing the items that you sell. You can have a weekly newsletter with information on all the special offers, discounts and new products that you offer. You can send separate emails about the latest deals. You can have exclusive offers for the people on your opt-in list. You can even send Christmas cards to strengthen the bond between your business and your customers.

The features of opt-in email marketing make its benefits quite obvious. You will not only attract more customers to your online store. You will develop a base of loyal customers who will buy products from you on a regular basis. As a result, sales will increase and so will profits. At the same time this form of marketing is quite cost-efficient. You just need to use specifically designed software and create attractive content for the emails.

Before you get to enjoy all the benefits from this type of marketing, however, you have to get visitors to your online store to sign up for emails from you. This is where the opt-in form comes in. It is actually a page on your website where visitors can sign up to get emails from you. The opt-in form is nothing more than a page with fields which your customers have to fill out. Many companies have complex forms which include a number of sections.

Visitors are requested to provide their email address, their name, their title and possibly their home address. There are also companies which request visitors to provide their email address solely. Researchers in the field of opt-in email marketing and ecommerce have found that internet users are more likely to sign up if they are asked for fewer personal details. In general, unless your main goal is to collect detailed information for the purpose of target marketing, there is no point in requesting such details.

You do not need such information for email marketing. Even if only people who are remotely interested in your product sign up, which is highly unlikely, you will still get considerable return on investment in this type of marketing. This is because sending an email to one more person costs virtually nothing. Quite the opposite, the more people you have on your opt-in email list the lower the cost per email will be. The opt-in form is actually not designed to persuade visitors to your online store to sign up for getting emails from you. Filling it out is actually the last step the visitor needs to perform.

It is your responsibility to link as many pages of your website to this form. In general, it is recommended that you have a link to it on every product page and on the main page. It should be easy for the visitor to reach the form using the main menu of your ecommerce website.

Professional website experts recommend creating a sales copy promoting your opt-in email services and placing it before the sign up form. This makes the opportunity of receiving emails from you attractive to the customer. To get the best possible results it is best if you implement a precise marketing strategy to the creation of the sales copy and the opt-in page.

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