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How to Make the Search Engines Notice Your Store

Traffic is the single most important part of any online endeavour. If you have no traffic you have no sales. But even if you have traffic that does not ensure sales; the traffic has to be highly targeted. That is, the visitors have to be really interested in your products and likely to buy them. The search engines play a big part in this, but so do you.

The reality is that most of your traffic will come from the search engines as they have become the virtual guides to everything that is on the web. If people do not know your online store and its web address, the easiest way they can get to it is via a search for the particular product that you are selling.

Through search engines, you get not only visitors, but potential customers that already have an interest in the type of product that you offer. Basically, you can target your specific market by using the search engines and search engine optimization (SEO), in particular. Here is how to get listed first. Once your online store is live on the web, you have to take a number of steps to get it indexed by the search engines.

 The steps which you have to take depend upon the website platform that you are using and on the type of search engine that you want to get listed by. In general, you would want to get your online store indexed by the three major search engines and namely Google, Bing and Yahoo. You may also want to list your ecommerce website by other ones, but you should not expect much traffic from them. Typically, a website gets over 99 per cent of its search engine traffic via the big three in this field.

 Getting your ecommerce website listed by Google requires signing up with Google Webmaster Tools. The registration will give you access to a variety of resources. You will be able to see how Google indexes your online store and how you get traffic. This will help you immensely with search engine optimization. The account gives you the opportunity to share your sitemap information. This is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended for the purposes of SEO, so you should definitely take advantage of this option.

Some ecommerce website platforms automatically create a sitemap for you and submit it to Google. In other cases, you just need to install a plug-in to have this done for you. Either of these options will certainly save you time and effort. You should not miss to take advantage of something that has already been made available to you, especially if you are not very tech savvy.

Getting your online store listed by Bing and Yahoo involves pretty much the same steps. You have to create an account with the Webmaster Tools of the respective search engine and share a sitemap. Again, the sitemap can be automatically created and submitted for you by the software that you are using. It takes minutes to get your ecommerce website listed by the search engines. However, this is just the first step for driving traffic to your online store.

Even if your website is picked by Google, Yahoo and Bind, users will most probably not find it unless it is on the first page of results for a relevant keyword. Just ask yourself whether you actually take a look at the search engine results listed beyond the first page. You most certainly do not just like most people. Therefore the main question is how to get higher rankings. This is where SEO comes in.

The basic SEO techniques which you need to use for your online store are keyword optimization of the website content and link building. You need to start by selecting a set of keywords that are most relevant to the products which you are selling. There are various tools which can help you with this.

 Placing the keywords in the page title, the content title and the content itself is the next step. It is essential for you to have genuine and informative content as well. Link building is mostly about getting inbound links to your website on other sites, but you should use relevant outbound links as well. Once all these components are put into place your online store can expect to enjoy good success.

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