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E-commerce Question

Q.1. Define e-commerce? What are the benefits of using e-commerce?
Q.2. Define EDI. Explain the layered architecture of EDI.
Q. 3.What is the difference between intranet and extranet? and explain the role each plays in e-business
Q.4.What are the four types of consumer oriented applications of E-commerce? Discuss them briefly.
Q.5. Describe generic framework for electronic commerce with suitable diagram?
Q.6. What is e-brokerage? How does electronic brokerage facilitate search and retrieval of information?
Q.7.What is Supply Chain Management? What are the characteristics of Supply Chain Management in an e-commerce environment?
Q.8.What are the desirable characteristics of an Electronic Market Place?
Q.9. What are the server specific middle wares? What can be their role in e-commerce ? Describe the additional features required for an e-commerce server?
Q.10.What is personalization, or personal value pricing, and how can it be used at the beginning of a product’s life cycle to increase revenues?
Q.11. What is on electronic payment system? What are its types anadvantages?
Q.12. What is electronic cash? What are the properties of electronic cash? What is the basic difference between the transaction made using Smart Card and E-cash?
Q.13.Explain different security protocols used for e-commerce applications.
Q.14. What is Non Repudiation? How can it be achived in designing e-cash based system? Give a suitable algorithm.
Q.15. What is Public Key Cryptography? Explain its advantages and disadvantages.
Q.16. Explain network security. What are the types of security features used in client server types of network?
Q.17. What is Organizational Structure? Differentiate between Vertical and Horizontal organization.

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