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Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a good domain name is one of the most important aspects of having an online store. At first, any customers or visitors will not know anything about you or your brand. You have to educate them and one of the best ways to do this is with your domain name. The right domain name plays a big part in raising awareness of your brand and your products. It will help the search engines identify your website and produce it for potential customers.  

Brand Name or Keyword Name

This is the most important choice which you have to make when deciding on the ideal domain name for your website. Evaluate the pros and cons of both options. Make the evaluation based on the plans you have for the development of your ecommerce business and on the type and size of your venture and your online store. You can put your brand's name as the domain name.

 If your business is called Sweet Dreams and you make confectionary products, you can readily use This option is a good choice provided that you have an established market and that you plan to expand it steadily over time. In general, having your brand in the domain name will allow you to create brand awareness and to establish a loyal customer base.

That is why most marketing experts recommend it. The problem is that it will take quite a lot of time for you to popularize your brand and make it recognizable on the web. This is because the market is huge and so is the competition. Basically, you have to work hard for years to make the brand easily recognizable. Regrettably, most small businesses have neither the resources nor the time to accomplish this.

After all, if your online store does not start to generate a profit soon, you will be forced to close it down. A keyword-based domain name is designed to reflect the topic of your store. Basically, it aims to show the specialization that you have. Using the above example, instead of choosing the brand name, Sweet Dreams, you can use Chocolate and Candy and make the domain name

 There are a number of benefits to going for this option. When the domain name reflects your topic, it can be used more effectively for search engine optimization (SEO). You can readily have back links with anchor text that will be the same as your domain name. This is highly valued by search engines so you can expect higher search engine rankings and access to more internet users. In general, a higher ranking should lead to higher traffic and more sales.

 It should be pointed out that search engines will not pick your website more easily just because it has a keyword-based domain name. Basically, if you do not make any search engine optimization efforts, your ecommerce website will not get high ranking even if it has the relevant keyword in its name. Still, as highlighted earlier, a keyword-based domain name is much more useful for efficient SEO. A keyword-based domain name is also more easily recognizable by consumers.

Using the example above, an internet user is much more likely to visit a website called than one called if they need to buy candy for Halloween on an urgent basis. The latter name is a bit more abstract and does not fully reflect the idea of online shopping which is supposed to be quick, efficient and convenient. Still, it is useful for establishing long-term brand presence.

You are not forced to choose either your brand name or the most relevant keyword as your domain name. You can readily come up with a combination of both. Using the above example, you can come up with something like or The important thing is to be creative so that you can have the best of both worlds.  

The Extension

Nearly every website you come across has the extension of .com. Not only does it suggest that the website has a commercial purpose, it is the one that is most familiar to everyone. If you use .net or .org it may actually put buyers off using your store. Depending on your type of store, you may also decide to use a local extension such as If you target a national market this should help you greatly with SEO.

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