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Small business services

Business services

Companies in the business service area are greatly depending on the relationship with their own customers. Most of the business services firms are very small. Companies with more than 12employees are ninety percent of all business services companies. The share of start ups is higher in business services than in the other industries. The threshold to start is low because the supply of business services generally requires relatively little investment in buildings, machinery and supplies.

Brand image and awareness 
Business service is like any reputable companies tell them to their customers can count because they are highly dependent on their own reputation. Working on branding and image quality is important because they provide a service where their knowledge and skills are crucial but at the same time is difficult to be measure.

Types of the service
Conducting research for business service requires an additional knowledge and empathy because the sensitivities in the customer relationships are often large. Branches within the business services market where Effect for employed, include: computer industry, research and development, legal services Architectural, engineering firms,
advertising agencies, staffing industry, cleaning industry, photographers, keuringsbedrijven, industry control, security, accountancy, management consultancy, tax consultancy and administration.

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