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How to get free full speed secure VPN

VPN service totally free with full speed and no limits reliable. which offer completely free. Full featured included. Most used free VPN on the internet.By using VPN hide your IP. Anonymous all over the world. There are a lot of freevpn service list. But Maximum does not give you full speed. Some web says list of top vpn. But I think there is nothing about top. The VPN which will provide best support that will be the top one.
But everybody needs to know more about it .Because some virtual private network collect your username and password. So be careful about it.Use those,which provide security first. How one can know about it is safe or not? So, read carefully about their service. If they provide grantee about safety then use it. You can use free vpn for your android , iPhone , Linux ,windows and other operating system. There are a list of top free vpn 2012. These are totally free.You can use those also. But remember about your security.Also do you know how to setup VPN on iPhone? How to setup VPN on android? Also How to setup it on windows

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