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                                                                 University of Dhaka
                                                                 Faculty of Pharmacy
                                            B. Pharm. (Hons.) Part IV Examination, 2008
                                             Subject: Pharmacy    Course No: Paper-VIII
                                                    Course Title: Pharmacology III
                                                   Full marks: 90    Time: Four (4) Hours
Answer any Eight (8) Questions including Question No. 1
1. a. Mention the clinical application of chlorpromazine.    3
b. Mention the uses of oxytocin in labour.    3
c. What do you mean by glaucoma?    2
d. Mention the different parts of eye including their functions.    5
2. a. Classify psychotropic drugs with chemical structure.    4
b. Mention the mechanism of action of phenothiazine and theoxanthines.    4
c. Write down the extrapyamidal side effects of chlorpromazine therapy.    3
3. a. Describe different categories of drugs used clinically to stimulate central nervous
system with their basic machanism of action.    3
b. Mention the pharmacotherapy and chemistry of different amide and amino acid
alkaloids affection ulterine motility.    3
c. Describe pharmacological basis of classification of barbiturates with their
structure activity relationship.    5
4. a. Classify adrenergic drugs according to receptor stimulation.    2
b. Describe the structure activity relationship of adrenergic drugs.    6
c. How is adrenaline metabolized?    3
5. a. What is cholinesterase and how does it work?    3
b. Give the therapeutic indications and contraindications of anticholinesterase drugs. 4
c. What is curare poisoning and how can it be treated?    4

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