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System analysis and design

                                  System Analysis and Design

1.   What is system & system analysis? Discuss the elements of the system.
2.   Briefly explain the characteristics of a system?
3.   Discuss the types of  system?
4.    Briefly explain management and information levels in typical organization?
5.    Difference between:
                            *Interaction & Interdependence.
                              *Physical & Abstract system.
                           *Open & Closed system.
                           *Schematic & Static System.
6.   Briefly explain system development life cycle?
7.    Write down the steps for conversion in system design.
8.   Define prototyping? Basic steps of prototyping with system development life
9.    How would an analysis determine the user’s needs for a system? Explain.
10.   A number of activities are carried out under implementation. Elaborate.
11.   Briefly describe the Management Information System Organization.
                       12.   How to feasibility study? Discuss the consideration and steps of feasibility
                       13.    Write short note:
                                                        *Decision table
                                                        *Decision tree
                       14.   How to determine system requirements?
                       15.   Briefly explain the process system design goes through logical & Physical
                       16.   Describe design methodologies with figure.
                       17.    Write short note:
                                                        *Input Design
                                                        *Output design
                       18.    Describe classification of form?
                       19.    Discuss the requirements of form design?
                       20.    Explain objectives of data base with file organization methods?
                       21.    Write short note:
        22.    Briefly explain different types of system test?
        23.    Explain Primary activities of a maintenance procedure
        24.    Describe types of maintenance.

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