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Renounce violence

Given the wave of protests in Islamic countries because of a controversial film on the Internet, German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle has called for a move away from violence. He appealed to the entire Arab world, to return to peaceful protests, Westerwelle said Friday at the public broadcaster ARD. Stumbling block is perceived by Muslims as blasphemous video. Westerwelle distanced himself from the "despicable video" and said he shared the outrage about this "terrible pamphlet on the Internet." This should not be an excuse for violence and the killing of people.
Renounce violence

The Minister also stressed: "This is not the Arab world, and it is also not the majority of the population." That was the violent protest of a minority and should not be generalized Westerwelle sent on the day of Friday prayers, an appeal for moderation and prudence. the governments of the affected countries must ensure the protection of diplomatic missions. He added that the Germans made ​​their naturally worried about their diplomatic missions. It therefore had their own security precautions have been taken.

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