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Pharmaceutical Technology

  1. Define and explain the following terms: (i) compression (ii) consolidation (iii) compaction
  2. What is meant by plastic deformation and elastic deformation and what are the effects of these deformations on physical strength of tablets?
  3. Describe 'cold welding' and explain how this occurs during compression of tableting materials.
  4. Define parenteral dosage forms and mention two demerits of parenteral herapy over oral therapy. What are SVP and LVP?
  5. Describe the classification of parenteral products giving suitable examples for each class.
  6. Mention the advantages and limitations associated with the parenteral administration of drugs by intravenous route.
  7. Mention three important reasons for maintaining p" of parenteral preparations and give examples of excipients used for such purpose.
  8. What are pyrogens and what are their effects in the human body?
  9. What are propellants and what are their functions in aerosol preparations? Give their classification.
  10. Draw a flow chart depicting the pressure filling method of aerosol manufacturing and mention three reasons for its preference over cold filling method.
  11. Show the sites of the following injections with the help of suitable diagram: (i) intradermal injection (ii) subcutaneous injection (iii) intramuscular injection (iv) intravenous injection. What are the upper limits of volume which can be safely administered through these routes?
  12. What is iso-osmocity and isotonicity? Explain why large volume IV infusions are required to be isotonic.
  13. Define and differentiate 'Controlled release' and 'Sustained release' preparations with suitable graphs and examples.
  14. What are sustained release dosage forms and what are their advantages over conventional dosage forms?

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