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Pharmaceutical Analysis-II

  1. Describe the various types of fundamental involved in IR spectroscopy.
  2. What do you mean by FTIR? Mention its advantages over the dispersive IR spectroscopy.
  3. Why is it important to know the structure of a molecule in Pharmacy?
  4. A proton absorbs radiofrequency when exposed to a large external magnetic field- Explain.
  5. What do you mean by chemical shift? Why is it expressed in ppm scale?
  6. Why is and internal standard used? Give the advantages of TMS as an internal standard.
  7. Name the chemical factors affecting chemical shift. Briefly discuss the anisotropy of olefinic bond and benzene ring.
  8. What do you mean by spin-spin coupling? Explain with an example. Name the factors affecting vicinal coupling.
  9. What are the advantages of Mass spectroscopy over other the spectroscopic methods? Mention its disadvantages.
  10. Briefly discuss the chemical ionization techniques.
  11. Show the fragmentation pattern of 1-hexanol and draw its mass spectrum
  12. What do you mean by McLafferty rearrangement? Give an example.
  13. The HRM5 determind the molecular weight of a compound to be 86.0734 which was analyzed for the molecular formula C5H,00 . The fragment ion peaks were observed at m/z 85, 57, 44, 43 and 29. What is the possible structure of that compound?
  14. Describe in brief the magnetic sector mass analyzer.
  15. What is over potential in electro-analytical process? How can you overcome a situation like that?
  16. Define decomposition potential and explain its importance in separation or purification techniques.

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