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Medicinal Chemistry

  1. Classify different types of linkers used in combinatorial synthesis.
  2. How are benzodiazepines synthesized using combinatorial approach?
  3. "Penicillin is sensitive to ,B - I aet am a s e but methicillin is resistant to it"-Explain.
  4. Briefly descr be the SAI2 of quinolones.
  5. Show the svrthetic route of 3-methylated cephalosporin.
  6. explain chemical modification of steroids to alter pharmacokinetic properties.
  7. Write The biosynthesis of sex steroid hormones.
  8. Classify oral contraceptives with examples.
  9. Make a pharmacokinetic comparison between lipid soluble and water soluble /3- adrenergic blocking agents.
  10. Cite an example of cardioselective fi -antagonist and explain its mechanism of action
  11. Show the synthesis of metoprolol.

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