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Medicinal Chemistry-II

1. a. Mention the chemistry of biguanides.
b. Define and classify carrier pro-drugs with examples.
c. Briefly describe the mechanisms of antidepressant action of MAO inhibitors and
d. Distinguish between scheme of glypizide.

2. a. Outline the source and composition of insulin.
b. How does insulin blood sugar in diabetes mellitus?
c. Show the synthetic scheme of glypizide.

3. a. "In drug design there is no substitution for serendipity, luck and intelligence"-
Justify the statement.
b. Mention the routes of genesis of drugs. Illustrate the importance of molecular
modification of lead compound?
c. Name the general processes of molecular modification. Explain molecular association
processes with one example of each process.

4. a. Explain drug detoxication and intoxication with one example of each.
b. What is transmembrane movement of drug molecules and how is it affected by the
lipid solubility and degree of ionization of the drug?
c. What are mixed function oxidases? Give the chemical and spectral characteristics
of cytochrome p-450

5. a. Define and characterized following mental illnesses:
i) Obsessional neurosis ii) Sehizophrenia iii) Affective psychosis.
b. Give the chemical classification of antipsychotic agents with examples.
c. Briefly discuss the 5AR of butyrophenones.
6 a. Outline the basic principle underlying combinaterial synthesis.

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