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Bio-pharmaceutics Questions & Ans.

  1. Discuss four important physicochemical properties of a drug candidate which should be taken into consideration while designing an 5I2DF.
  2. Differentiate between embedded matrix system and barrier system found in sustained release products and how their drug release kinetic models.
  3. Mention five important characteristics which are desirable in a pharmaceutical ophthalmic product.
  4. What measures are to be taken during ormulation of pharmaceutical ophthalmic product in order tc minimize pain, irritation and discomfort of the patients?
  5. What are the types of ophthalmic products? Mention five important categories of drugs with examples which are incorporated into ophthalmic products.
  6. What are the differences between U5P type I glass and type II glass? What kinds of parenteral products can be packaged in containers make from type I and type II glass?
  7. Describe the molecular bonding theory during tablet compression process.
  8. What are the ways of packaging (i) a light sensitive drug product, (ii) an effervescent tablet (iii) an oil injection?
  9. What is an aseptic room and when is it essential to use an aseptic room for pharmaceutical manufacturing?
  10. What is meant by 'class 100' clean room? How can the desirable level of cleanliness in a clean room be generated and maintained?

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