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Pharmacology Questions

  1. Mention the various types of fungal infections with their causative organisms.
  2. Explain the mechanism of action of amphotericin and azoies.
  3.  Write down the pharmacological actions of growth hormone.
  4.  Write down the principal uses and limitations of immunosuppressive agents.
  5. Mention the general principles of immunosuppression. What are the immunosuppressive mechanisms of glucocorticoids?
  6.  What do you mean by direct and indirect acting cholinomimetic drugs? Mention the chemistry and pharmacokinetics of direct acting cholinomimetic drugs?
  7.  Describe the effects of atropine on i) CVS and ii) exocrine gland.
  8. Describe the biosynthesis, storage, release and metabolism of noradrenaline.
  9.  Mention the pharmacological effects of a -adrenoreceptor blockers.
  10.  Describe briefly the therapeutic uses of a -blockers.
  11. Mention the general principles and problems of antiretroviral drugs.
  12. Show the replication cycle of DNA and RNA viruses with possible target of action.
  13. What are the characteristics of tonic-clonic seizures? Mention chemistry and mechanism of action of phenytoin.
  14.  Mention the mechanism of action of dactinomycin and doxorubicin.
  15. Mention the chemistry and mechanism of action of 5-FU.
  16. Mention the mechanism of action of cyclophosphamide and busulphan.
  17. Mention the total contribution of natural products in cancer chemotherapy today.
  18. Make broad classification of psychotropic drugs.
  19. Write down the mechanism of action of phenothiazine and thioxanthine derivatives.
  20. Mention the therapeutic uses and extrapyramidal side effects of chlorpromazine therapy.
  21. Write down the mechanism of action of antidepressant drugs.
  22. Mention the antifungal and antiviral agents commercially available for ophthalmic use. 
  23. Describe different types of ocular diseases.
  24. What are the total events of oxytocin used in uterine motility?

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