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Hospital and Community Pharmacy

  1. What are the specialties of hospital pharmacy services?
  2. State the requirements to be fulfilled to achieve registration of a hospital.
  3. How will the Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee operate its activities?
  4. Describe the committee's role in drug safety.
  5. What are the roles of the committee in adverse drug reaction program?
  6. What are the recording standards of the governing body of a hospital?
  7. What are the standards of supportive personnel according to American Society for Health System Pharmacy (ASHSP)?
  8. Who are supportive personnel in a hospital pharmacy? Define their role in hospital and community pharmacy.
  9. What are the responsibilities of the pharmacist for implementation of investigational use drug procedure?
  10. How is the investigational use drug controlled in a hospital pharmacy during clinical study
  11. In investigational point of view classify the drugs used in hospital and what is the purpose of It
  12. How are the drugs purchased in a hospital pharmacy?
  13. What is called inventory ? What are the different types of inventory?

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