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Different model in developing a marketing strategy

 Marketing strategy is developed?

different model in developing a marketing strategy, 7 steps model
 parts of marketing strategy development are-
i) Consumer analysis
ii) Market analysis
iii) Analysis & Review of the competition & self
iv) Review of the distribution channels
v) Development of a "preliminary" Marketing Mix
vi) Evaluating the economics
vii) Revision and extension of steps 1-6 until a consistent plan emerges

What is the technical competence needed for a product Manager / officer?

Ans: Be able to identify and/or anticipate customers' requirements, the product —znager/officer must have a detailed knowledge of the followings-
The particular "disease"
its incidence its presentation
causes & consequences risk factors
Current treatment regimens:
including non pharmaceutical (e.g. radiology/surgery)
Advantages & disadvantages of current regimens
Effects on the patients:
of the disease of its treatment
Current trends in medical opinion
Economics of treatment

Describe FAB analysis.

F for Feature
Feature of the product
Product indications
e.g. Ciprofloxacin is bitter tasted, so for children it should be granule form.
A forAdvantage
Less expensive
B for Benefits
Lower cost for patients

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