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Critical Micelle Concentration

Q: Define CMC (Critical Micelle Concentration). What is micelle?


The lowest concentration of surfactant at which micelles first appear is called CMC.

When the concentration of surfactant is excess then the surfactant molecules adsorbed as a monolayer in the water air interface have become so closely packed that additional molecules can not be accommodated with case, they begin to agglomerate in the bulk of the solution forming aggregates called micelles. The diameter of micelles is approximately between 30 and 80 A°.

Q: Define Disintegration, Dissolution.


Disintegration is the process of breaking up or decomposing of substance, as in catabolism or decay.

Dissolution is the decomposition into fragments or part. Dissolution testing is a core performance test in pharmaceutical development and quality control. Dissolution testing is used as a predictive tool for the vivo performance of drug product.

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