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Blister packaging

  1. What is blister packaging? Briefly describe  the operating principle of blister machine.
  2. What are he factors that you must consider before designing a sustained-release  product?
  3. What type of packaging and protection is required for solid oral dosage forms and powders for reconstitution?
  4. Using the equation W= D, + K h Calculate the total dose required for a drug release over 12 h  period from a sustained-release product. The given values are K :-:= 2.0 K (elimination) 7 0.2 ht--1,C, =desired blood level= 10,u,c/n/H = volume of = 42 L D = initial dose= 500 mg.
  5. Characterize the reservoir and matrix type of diffusional systems. 
  6. Outline the mechanism of drug release from these devices.
  7. Schematically represent the typical suite rooms for terminally sterilized injectables and aseptic production
  8. What is meant by HVAC system?
  9. List the facilities which need to be ensured in the clean area for pharmaceutical production.
  10. "Filtration is not a straightforward process, but is the sum effect of several different mechanisms"-Explain in respect with clean room technology.

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